About The Learning Link Tutoring Center

The Learning Link Tutoring Center was Founded in 2007 by a Master’s Degree Certified Teacher. In 2009, Annia V. Levy and Alicia A. Casanova, acquired the Center. Annia Levy is currently the Program Director and sole owner of the The Learning Link Tutoring Center, Inc.

Our Administrators and Tutors know how important it is for children to be stimulated so they can build their self-confidence. They work closely with each child to not only fill in academic gaps but also teach them how to study and how to organize their thoughts and ideas. Our goal is to help all students "link the pieces together" so they can succeed in school.


The Learning Link accepts boys and girls from Pre-Kindergarten thru 12th Grade. There are no requirements for students enrolling in most of our Programs.


The Learning Link Tutoring Center bases its program on meeting each child's individual needs in order for them to learn study skills, build their self-esteem and confidence and achieve success in their academic as well as their social development. The Learning Link Tutoring Center believes that individualized after-school reinforcement gives each child the extra edge they need to succeed in school.

Working together with the child's teacher, our experienced and dedicated Tutors make sure that each child's academic weaknesses and needs are addressed in a nurturing and loving environment. Our Instructors encourage children to think creatively, to discover for themselves and to problem solve. Children receive the personal attention they need to reach the ultimate goals in life: SUCCESS and SELF-CONFIDENCE!


The Learning Link admits students of any race, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin.


ANNIA VANESSA LEVY has been the Owner and Director at The Learning Link since 2009. In addition to her administrative responsibilities, she has been a huge success as a Reading Tutor. She developed "Reading Rabbits", an extremely successful Reading Comprehension and Fluency program that has helped many students learn how to read. Prior to acquiring The Learning Link, she worked at Highpoint Academy as the Pre-School Program Coordinator and also taught lower Elementary for several years. Annia has a Degree in Early Childhood Education and is looking forward to eventually obtaining a Master's Degree in Education. Annia lives nearby in Kendall, Westchester, Tamiami.